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Press Archive


April 2015

  • Cosmo Online

    Our favourite must-have marathon kit

    ‘Many sports bras promise zero bounce, but for larger-than-C-cup boobs, I think that's probably impossible. But, short of actually strapping them down with gaffer tape, this this bra is the best bounce-reducer I've tried.’
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  • Perfect Wedding- Honeymoon Hotspots

    10 things to remember before you fly

    ‘Don't forget to tick these boxes before you jump on a jet plane!’
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  • The Times Magazine

    If you must run, this is what you need

    ‘One friend said it's the best sports bra ever, and so comfortable that she doesn't ever want to take it off. ’
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  • Cosmo Online

    Where to buy workout clothes if you're curvy.

    ‘Because sweating it out doesn't come with a size limit. ’
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